A long-time customer of Vaisala, Johnson Controls, has awarded Vaisala for being one of their best suppliers.

The CARBOCAP carbon dioxide transmitters are used in demand controlled ventilation to maintain fresh air and good indoor air quality.

Vaisala was awarded the Johnson Controls annual Leadership Innovation Award due to its high performance in regards to quality, service, supply chain management, sustainability and commercial appeal.

Vaisala Americas region director Gerald Ducharme said: "In addition to on-time deliveries and outstanding quality of our current products, our next generation CARBOCAP carbon dioxide transmitters provide Johnson Controls with a new family of products, incorporating improved performance and reliability."

The successful co-operation of the two companies started more than 15 years ago when Johnson Controls needed a reliable carbon dioxide transmitter for demand controlled ventilation applications.

At that time, building owners and managers realised that considerable energy savings can be gained through demand controlled ventilation, and the market was emerging.

After passing a rigorous technology, design quality and innovation evaluation, Johnson Controls selected Vaisala. Since then, the companies’ engineering, purchasing, and business leaders have worked jointly to address market demands.