Vaisala has released a redesigned viewLinc Environmental Monitoring System, which offers fast, easy-to-use, wireless communication.

Vaisala’s product manager Jon Aldous says: "The previous version of the viewLinc system has long been used by pharmaceuticals, but it is also ideal for monitoring other high-value assets affected by environmental conditions, such as air temperature or humidity. It is used in museums, galleries, and in IT server rooms".

viewLinc provides trends, alarming, and customisable reporting, which ensures accurate environmental information via a wide selection of Vaisala devices. Conditions measured include temperature, humidity, and CO2. For global good practice (GxP compliance), validation documents are available.

The new viewLinc system leverages cutting-edge wireless communications capabilities in order to use logging devices, which communicate reliably in obstructed environments.

Aldous says: "We licensed a new long-range wireless specification to create VaiNet, a proprietary wireless technology for viewLinc".

Signal strength between network access points and data loggers can travel over 100 meters indoors. It’s not affected by walls, equipment, Wi-Fi networks, or other usual signal impediments.

Aldous adds: "We worked with several long-time customers, collecting a wish-list of system functions that could be either simplified or automated. We eliminated or improved aspects of system deployment that were time-consuming or complex, and updated the software interface with embedded help to guide users through common tasks". The result was a monitoring system, which can be installed in minutes, maintains compliance for years, and eliminates almost every issue related to wireless data logging.

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