Eurofins Scientific SE is a provider of pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing, discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences, and agroscience contract research services. The company’s major business areas include BioPharmaceutical (BioPharma) services, food and feed testing, clinical diagnostics, environmental testing, and consumer product testing (CPT). Its BioPharma services offer compound discovery and clinical research through the manufacture and release of commercial products and post-approval/marketing. It provides uniform quality assurance systems and services such as bioanalytical services, genomics, preclinical/early development, and clinical research and development. The company has a portfolio of food and feed testing laboratories that carry out testing for persistent organic pollutants, dioxins and organic contaminants, pesticides, mycotoxins, allergens, pathogens and vitamins, and analyses for genetic modifications (GMOs). The environment testing services of Eurofins comprise testing of water, air, soil, waste, building materials and constituents of the built environment, biofuels, and other products to assess contaminant levels and effect on human health and the environment. The clinical diagnostics business focuses on testing services in medical specialties including women’s health, to assist women during pregnancy with non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) and specialised genetic, hormonal and immunological tests, infertility diagnoses, and predisposition testing for common cancers; and transplantation, aiding transplant patients with histocompatibility testing, donor screening, microbiology and infectious disease testing, immunosuppression management, early detection of graft rejection and drug monitoring. The company’s CPT services include testing clients’ products for chemical and microbiological composition, environmental impact, sustainability, flammability, performance, and cyber security.