Euromed Pharma US, Inc, the latest venture of the Petrone group, has opened its doors to business from the beginning of September in New York.

The company is the most recent geographical expansion of the Italian based pharmaceutical leader known as the Petrone group.

The Petrone Group is a holding company of more than 40 organisations, operating in the pharmaceutical, para-pharma and health sectors. The enterprise is still proudly a family owned business rooted in the history and traditions of three generations of pharmacists who started with a single pharmacy in Italy and are now a conglomerate of companies that cover all aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain from R&D, all the way from commercial distribution to direct consumer sales.

The company has had an international presence for several years, covering all of Europe with operations in Italy, Spain, Ireland and part of the far east with an office in Singapore. With this last inception, the company will have a direct presence on the US territory with a fully owned subsidiary.

Euromed Pharma US will be the first step in a strategic expansion aimed at extending the Petrone Group service offerings to the Americas, thus including Canada and the LATAM countries. With the new office based in New York, the group intends to get closer to its current international customers based in the western hemisphere and hopes to support several new customers looking for a tailor-level service for their pharmaceutical outsourcing needs. Equipped to support all inquiries at the various stages of clinical and commercial pharmaceutical distribution, Euromed Pharma is looking forward to leading the way in this new venture of the Petrone Group.

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