Innovative processes are being sought more than ever in industrial wood machining. Professional spraying is significantly gaining in importance, especially in the production of MDF board. Ultimately it makes a substantial contribution to being able to reduce costs and maximise quality. Düsen-Schlick from Untersiemau near Coburg is setting standards in the widely used blowline gluing technique with its newly developed SCHLICK blowline system.

The technicians and engineers working for the innovative nozzle manufacturer have once again taken on board the demands of the market and the increasing quality requirements and have transformed the demands for a reduction in costs into an optimised process. For the first time ever, the SCHLICK blowline system produces an entirely homogenous spray with the finest drop sizes. It thus reduces the need for glue while also preventing glue flecks, such as caking on the blowline – an emphatic response to the question of quality and cost.

With this special design, the SCHLICK nozzle experts have succeeded in achieving an ideal balance between the atomisation quality, drop speed, drop size distribution, volume current density and flow rate. At the same time, the targets of easy handling and optimal operating safety have been achieved. The compact design and use of just a few individual parts guarantees easy installation and de-installation for manufacturing companies within the wood industry. The system has a wide variety of applications and is suitable for water, glue, urea solution or hardener.

For several decades, Düsen-Schlick has been supplying systems manufacturers and producers in the wood machining industry with its process-optimised atomisation technology. The SCHLICK blowline system meets all requirements in professional gluing and guarantees cost-effectiveness down to the finest detail.

Düsen-Schlick is one of the leading worldwide nozzle manufacturers, offering the entire range of services relating to the use of nozzles, from research and development through to production and service, and all from a single source. Trend-setting patents, such as ABC technology, ensure the company’s production success.

Custom-made products or small series can be produced at short notice thanks to the most up-to-date CAD technology and computer-controlled production lines. The work of the specialists extends beyond the product when it comes to complete development contracts. The know-how for the process technology and engineering is also included at the same time, and the solution for a specific area of application is fully developed and implemented.

Exhibition visitors can find Düsen-Schlick in hall 27, booth D03 at LIGNA 2011, Hannover (Germany).