In a multitude of industrial fields, such as paper mills, glassworks, cement works, power plants, steel works and waste incineration, cooling process gases in an economical and above all energy efficient way is becoming increasingly important. Evaporative cooling is the most effective way to cool and condition exhaust gases. By cooling the gases, a defined reduction in volume is achieved.

As an important part of the cooling process, atomising lances are necessary for the defined positioning of the cooling water. A greater reduction in the gas volume reduces the required energy costs. The necessary drop size distribution and the related nozzle technology prevent unwanted condensation of cooling water. The liquid is converted into drops, in order to increase the surface area and therefore facilitate complete evaporation with the exhaust gas. Naturally formed sprays inherently strive for a minimal surface area and therefore the synthesised spray is unstable. Either a spray evaporates or lots of tiny drops merge into fewer big drops, causing the surface
area to decrease. The nozzle system must fulfil a multitude of conditions for a complete evaporative process of the atomised liquid.