Suheung America Corporation has announced the release of the new EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA drug delivery system, an empty vegetarian capsule targeted for use in the pharmaceutical market.

The capsule was developed at the company’s South Korean manufacturing facility and will be officially launched at the upcoming CPhI Trade Show in Philadelphia in May, 2018.

The EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA compliments Suheung’s popular vegetarian capsule product line, which already includes non-animal alternative capsule EMBO CAPS® VG and the EMBO CAPS® AP, a non-animal delayed release capsule.

The EMBO CAPS® VG Alpha is manufactured from Hypromellose (HPMC) using a revolutionary proprietary process resulting in an extremely high strength and crystal clear film, which allows the HPMC capsule to mimic the filling performance of gelatin.

In addition, the drug’s low water content makes the EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA well suited for hygroscopic and liquid fills.

The EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA has a pH independent disintegration profile; contains no gelling agents, phthalates, starch, genetically modified organisms (GMO), preservatives, glutens, or allergens; and is suitable for many pharmaceutical applications.

Director of sales and marketing for Suheung America Christopher Kotevich explained: “My experience with cellulose capsules began at the original Vegicaps facility in Utah. The industry has been waiting for this. The EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA is the pinnacle of HPMC capsule technology to date, just an amazing product. The manufacturing group’s strict dedication to perfection has produced a truly exceptional new addition to the EMBO CAPS® premium capsule offering.”

COO of Suheung America Tim Yang noted: “Suheung is all about quality and innovation. Since our foundation, we have solely dedicated ourselves to offer empty hard capsules of the highest quality. EMBO CAPS® VG-ALPHA is the latest addition to the growing portfolio of EMBO CAPS® premium empty hard capsules to further empower our customers with superior capsule products in North America and worldwide.”

Suheung is a Global Supplier of premium empty capsules with locations in South Korea, North America, Europe, Japan, and Vietnam.