Phlexglobal to Make a Live Demonstration of its New Completeness Quality Control eTMF Module

Phlexglobal has announced it will be hosting a webinar to showcase its new Completeness Quality Control (CQC) module as part of its electronic trial master file (eTMF) solution.

The company has taken its exclusive, in-house, best practice trial master file (TMF) quality technology and made it available as a unique product module of PhlexEview.

Building on existing PhlexEview functionality, the CQC module takes TMF management and oversight to another level, replacing manual processes with robust in-line technology to facilitate planning, execution, oversight, closure, and archive of the TMF.

The CQC module provides the tools to conduct regular, risk-based or milestone-driven completeness reviews within the eTMF system, enabling an up-to-date picture of the quality, completeness, and timeliness of a TMF to support inspection readiness.

Speaker head of product architecture at Phlexglobal Tom Underhill has more than 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing bespoke enterprise software solutions. Most recently, Tom has worked as development director of Net Solutions Europe (NSE), an established, UK-based and cloud technology company with a proven track record in delivering cloud based software products.

Tom has spent the last five years overseeing the development of the PhlexEview platform at NSE, a key technology partner of Phlexglobal. Earlier this year, Phlexglobal acquired NSE to fast-track future development of PhlexEview. In his current role, Tom focuses on enhancing the capabilities of the PhlexEview platform.

Speaker head of operational support Jo Heard joined Phlexglobal in April 2013 and has recently moved into the newly formed TMF operations department to help expand and grow Phlexglobal’s serview delivery capability. Previously, as head of internal software development, Jo was responsible for the production and delivery of a number of systems that underpin the business, including both PhlexEQC for TMF quality management and PhlexEtrack for paper document tracking.

Prior to joining Phlexglobal, Jo held a number of technical and management roles in global software and services companies. She has extensive experience in data analysis and information systems.

Final speaker product manager Jim Horstmann joined Phlexglobal in 2015 in his current role. Jim has more than ten years of experience in enterprise document management and eTMF software, having worked in various roles such as technical and business analyst, system administrator, and product manager. Prior to joining Phlexglobal, Jim worked as product manager for NextDocs, working to deliver eTMF solutions and integrations with other clinical applications.

Join Phlexglobal on 25 April at 3:00pm BST (4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST).

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