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Formulation and Filling of Semi-Solid and Liquid Pharmaceuticals

QuaDPharma offers small to mid-scale current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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QuaDPharma offers small to mid-scale current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) manufacturing services.

QuaDPharma offers small to mid-scale current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Filling of semi-solids and liquids

QuaDPharma provides clients with a more collaborative style of manufacturing by combining innovative formulation and packaging technology.

The company’s team is a group of pharmaceutical professionals experienced in drug and device manufacturing for the pre-commercial and commercial life science markets.

QuaDPharma formulates liquids and semi-solids up to 1,000l in batch size and filling capabilities, including tubes, jars, bottles and vials.
QuaDPharma’s fully automated, high-speed blister line and smaller semi-automated equipment provides clients with flexible and adaptive packaging.
QuaDPharma operates a dedicated aseptic suite that is designed to support developmental and pre-commercial liquid processing.
The company’s laboratory services include complete raw material and packaging component release testing, as well as in-process analysis for bulk formulations.
QuaDPharma’s facility and systems are FDA-inspected and undergo rigorous, routine internal assessment to assure compliance.
The company implements monitoring controls and built-in production areas to reduce the risk of external contamination for dosage forms, including topicals and non-sterile liquids.
QuaDPharma invests in manufacturing and laboratory technology for its range of systems for ultra-pressure liquid chromatography and automated titration.

QuaDPharma’s manufacturing capabilities include the formulation and filling of semi-solids and liquids under bioburden-reduced or aseptic conditions.

The company produces packaging for semi-solids, liquids and solid dosage forms at its FDA-approved facility, which operates under ‘Quality before Delivery’ (QuaD).

Pharmaceutical support services are available, including analytical development and validation laboratory facilities, as well as the ICH-compliant stability programme.

QuaDPharma provides clinical supply management and research and development services for various dosage forms.

Formulation of semi-solids and liquids

QuaDPharma offers formulation capability of up to 1,000l and has fill and finish services for short and long-term commercial runs.

Primary containers such as bottles, jars, tubes, sprayers, single-use plastic ampoules and vials can be handled in the manufacturing facility.

The company provides additional value through its expertise in difficult formulations, including nano-emulsions and biologics.

QuaDPharma’s flexible manufacturing suites meet ISO: 8 and ISO: 7 standards to optimise a bioburden-reduced environment.

Solid dosage packaging

QuaDPharma has a high-speed, fully automated tablet and capsule blister packaging operation to serve clients’ clinical and commercial drug supply requirements.

Short-run semi-automated blister packing can be supported as QuaDPharma has short cycle times for supplying packaged drug products for clinical trial pack-outs / kitting and commercial manufacturing.

Customisable tooling allows QuaDPharma to adapt to the dynamic process clients go through when moving drug products through the commercialisation process.

QuaDPharma also operates a high-speed, full colour blister printer with a 100% automated visual inspection.

The company’s production areas and compliance systems support safe handling of cytotoxic finished solid dosage forms and provide an integrated set of manufacturing options.

Aseptic processing

QuaDPharma has a dedicated suite for short-run developmental aseptic liquid processing.

The company can formulate and fill liquids into vials and bottles within an environmentally controlled and monitored ISO: 5 (Grade A) space, which is optimised for manufacturing pre-clinical and early clinical drug supply.

Sterility assurance is supported through the maintenance of a robust environmental monitoring programme, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and microbial bioburden testing. Sterility is ensured through a rigorous facility cleaning and disinfection programme.

Various types of filling, stopper and capping equipment can be set up for a client’s manufacturing campaign if required. All operators are qualified in aseptic techniques.

About QuaDPharma

QuaDPharma was founded in 2010 as a unique platform for servicing small and large pharmaceutical clients with more collaboration and technical expertise.

The company’s personnel add value through project planning grounded in scientific processes and accurate risk management.

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