Syngene International, an integrated research, development, and manufacturing services company, was ranked top in the CMO Leadership Awards 2022 in all the six core award categories – quality, expertise, compatibility, capabilities, reliability, and service. The awards are based on customer feedback about the performance of the company’s contract manufacturing practices based on projects delivered in the last 18 months.

Jonathan Hunt, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Syngene International said: “Winning the CMO Leadership Awards 2022 across all six categories is a huge honor for the company. This outstanding achievement demonstrates Syngene’s strong commitment to meet client expectations and reflects our collaborative approach and determination to deliver quality products that have a positive impact on millions of patients and consumers around the world.”

For the 11th edition of the CMO Leadership Awards 2022, Life Science Leader and Outsourced Pharma partnered with research firm Industry Standard Research (ISR). ISR administered a quality benchmarking survey to respondents from biotech and pharmaceutical companies who worked with contract manufacturing organizations on an outsourced project within the past 18 months. This level of qualification ensured that survey responses were based on authentic involvement with contract manufacturers and precise experiential data.

The respondents were asked to assess the performance of 86 contract manufacturing organizations by providing answers to 45 questions across 23 performance attributes. Points were then totalled for a combined score for each attribute, and a composite score for each category was determined. Winners were identified by comparing their overall score with the competitive set.