Uriach Group is an outsourcing partner with 170 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We specialise in solid oral dosages and semisolids, offering a broad range of services from product development through to commercial manufacturing and packaging, QP release and supply chain management.

Our plant located in Palau-solità I Plegamans, in the province of Barcelona, brings with it an enormous qualitative and quantitative leap in the technological and productive capacity of the company. There is a total area of 30,000m² dedicated to production and research.

Integral contract services for pharmaceuticals

We offer a comprehensive range of services all in accordance with GMP / GLP requirements that ensure an optimal level of quality in all processes. Uriach Group is committed to being an excellent provider of development and pharmaceutical manufacturing services worldwide.

Drug product development services

Our team of highly skilled scientists can develop and optimise a formulation to progress it to commercial manufacture.

Uriach Group specialises in contract services for solid oral dosages and semisolids.
Uriach Group is a respected provider of development and pharmaceutical manufacturing services worldwide.
Our services include contract manufacturing of solid oral dosages such as tablets and pills.
We also provide contract manufacturing services for semisolids such as creams and ointments.
We perform primary and secondary packaging in a comprehensive range of pack formats.
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Design of solid formulations, creams and ointments
  • The drawing up of registration documentation (Part II) and the expert report
  • Advice on the industrial transposition of processes and their validation
  • The complete development of generic products, including bioequivalence studies and in vitro dissolution tests
  • Development and validation of analytical and microbiological methods
  • Cleaning method development and validation
  • The carrying out of stability studies in accordance with the ICH normative
  • Clinical manufacturing
  • Manufacture of pilot batches
  • Process optimisation
  • Process validation

Contract manufacturing of solid oral dosages and semisolids

Our services include contract manufacturing, from kilo-scale to commercial batch sizes. Our facilities have all the necessary technology for the development and manufacturing of:

  • Tablets, immediate and modified release
  • Uncoated and coated tablets
  • Sugar-coated pills
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Chewable tablets
  • Hard gelatine capsules
  • Powders: granules and oral powder for reconstitution
  • Creams and ointments

Contract primary and secondary packaging services

We perform primary and secondary packaging in a comprehensive range of pack formats:

  • Blisters (PVC-Alu, PVC/PVdC- Alu, Alu-Alu)
  • Container (bottles, tubs)
  • Sachets and sticks

We have an in-house engineering resource to support all operational activities, including tooling design and prototype manufacture.

Why outsource with Uriach Group?

  1. We are a firmly established business with professionals your company can count on
  2. We offer a comprehensive range of services
  3. We provide you with experience and the best possible solutions for your specific needs
  4. We are always adapting to meet your requirements
  5. Uriach Group is your partner from drug product development to commercial manufacturing