AXELEAD Begins Operations

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners has announced the start of operations for AXCELEAD.

Takeda transferred a part of its research business to AXCELEAD earlier this year. It aims to bridge basic and applied clinical research, from exploratory research to optimising candidate compounds.

The newly formed company leverages Takeda’s extensive drug discovery knowledge and its state-of-the-art research facility to offer high-value drug discovery services for a broad range of diseases and unmet medical needs. AXCELEAD will support the Takeda group businesses and other life-science organisations such as other pharmaceutical companies, bio-technology ventures, and public and academic research institutions. This research will assist companies within and outside Japan as part of the firm’s comprehensive integrated drug discovery services and consultation for the Shonan Health Innovation Park (SHIP) at Takeda’s Shonan Research Center.

AXCELEAD complements the existing value-added services available at SHIP and strengthens the park’s potential for the co-creation and development of innovative medicines.

President of AXCELEAD Yoshinori Ikeura said: "I’m very excited for the role I believe AXCELEAD will play in drug discovery. AXCELEAD has the capability to be a valuable partner by providing comprehensive and integrated expertise in areas like screening, synthesis, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and safety assessment.

"We are also able to draw on the scientific powerhouse of our personnel, who have gained extensive technical skills, knowledge, and experience through their work at Takeda. My vision is for our business to go beyond contracted research and provide optimised solutions that address each customers’ unique needs.

"Every one of our staff is looking forward to the challenge of being the best partner for innovation-minded organizations and unlocking new approaches in drug discovery and healthcare."

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