SIRION Biotech Receives 2 Biotechnology Awards! - Pharmaceutical Technology
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SIRION Biotech Receives 2 Biotechnology Awards!

We are very excited about winning 2 Biotechnology awards from Global Health and Pharma (GHP):

  • Best Biotech AAV & LV Vector Optimization Specialists 2021
  • Best Therapeutic Cell Lentiviral Transduction Enhancement Solution: LentiBoost®

As a leading European developer and manufacturer of viral vectors for research and preclinical applications, we were honored to win these awards showcasing our commitment to developing the best vectors for each application and helping our clients to market as efficiently as possible.

LentiBoost®, our lentiviral transduction enhancer, is currently included in more than 20 Phase 3 and 1/2 clinical trials in the US and Europe.

To read GHP’s full article about SIRION Biotech and why they chose us for these 2021 Biotechnology Awards, please click here.

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