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Sirion Biotech to Attend ESGCT XXV Anniversary Congress

Sirion Biotech has announced it will be attending the ESGCT XXV Anniversary Congress, in collaboration with the German Society for Gene Therapy DG-GT.

Taking place from 17 October to 20 October, science and industry leaders from all around the globe will gather in Germany’s vibrant capital to share and discuss the latest news and views from the gene and cell-therapy scene.

Only weeks after Gilead Sciences’ announcement to acquire Kite Pharma for more than $10bn and the first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a CAR-T cell therapy for Novartis in the US, the scene is buzzing with excitement. How will this CAR-T therapy fare in the open market? Will the price-tag sink it before it swims? And how can concerns about safety and marketability be answered for G&CT-projects that are about to step into clinical trials?

With Sirion Biotech’s latest AAV- and Lentiviral feats and a bag full of new ideas, the company is throwing itself into the mix. Come and join Sirion Biotech at booth #5.

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