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Sirion Biotech Viral Vector Experience

Gene delivery by viral vectors has taken centre stage in the development of gene therapies and immuno-oncologies. It has revolutionised the precision that complex cell models can be realised.

Among this versatile class of gene tools, some of the most advanced applications in research and development (R&D) and clinical trials are Adenovirus, Lentivirus and Adeno-associated virus (AAV).

Enabling access to the right viral vector

Vice-president of research and development at Sirion Biotech Dr. Michael Salomon said: "After 10 years experience working with the big three of viral vector technologies, we have the proficiency to expand and adapt exisitng virus technologies to build a perfectly honed gene tool for our clients. From designing and producing single vectors to full technology platforms, our work bridges the technological gap between basic research and clinical application.

"With our strong focus we have become the go-to partners for all questions concerning viral gene delivery."

Accessible now, reliable always

With the shortest possible delivery times and stringent control of batch-to-batch consistencies, the German virus expert supplies customers of all sizes with the latest in cutting edge viral vectors, expediting this fast-paced research sector and supplying the basis for clear-cut, reproducible experiments.

In reaction to a growing interest in these technologies, the company recently increased its laboratory capacities for pre-clinical AAV engineering and is discussing future plans to further expand this sector by Q3 this year.

With its direct and personal style, the SIRION team stands ready to discuss all your viral vector needs.

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