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Viral Vectors Engineered for Academic and Clinical Research

Off-the shelf virus vectors are naturally limited to answer only a basic set of questions. This can lead experimenters to compromise their work.

These easy questions will tell you where you stand:

  1. Does your vector supplier personally discuss your research to understand your work?
  2. If not, how can you find the right vectors for your work?
  3. Are you forced to compromise to fit into a limited portfolio?

SIRION Biotech’s senior manager for sales and marketing Dr Carl Christel "At SIRION Biotech, things are different. We will take our time to understand your work, provide expert advice, and apply the best solution to your specific project. With a firm understanding of all three major vector systems and experience from over one-thousand single projects we excel our clients’ research."

At SIRION Biotech, all customised vectors are functionally tested for data you can trust, with guaranteed titers for batch-to-batch reliability and strong timelines to plan and execute your project in time.

Most importantly, the company’s expert team takes part in discussions with you to understand your work and goals.

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