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Controlled Release Technology for Pharmaceutical Products

DelSiTech provides silica-based systems for the controlled release of small-molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals and viral vectors.

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DelSiTech is a clinical-stage drug delivery and development company and the leading technology specialist in biodegradable silica-based controlled release of small molecule drugs, biologics, and vaccines. It develops and commercializes its proprietary drug delivery technology in collaboration with a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to turn their ideas into novel drug products.

DelSiTech works with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to turn their active agents into novel and commercially attractive therapeutic drug products. We focus on long-acting controlled release technology and product development, as well as parenteral and topical ocular product development.

Our company has developed the proprietary DelSiTech™ Silica Matrix: unique technology based on biodegradable, amorphous, silica drug delivery. The silica microparticle encapsulation technology enables unique long-acting controlled release, with zero order release and no burst release for small molecules to large biologics.

DelSiTech offers two drug delivery platforms: long-acting injectables for parenteral delivery and topical eye drops for conjunctival delivery. We are also developing our own pipeline of innovative products based on known therapeutic molecules to address significant unmet medical and commercial needs.

DelSiTech’s patented Silica Matrix is designed to enable the stabilisation and long-acting controlled release of drug products.
We work with our partners to help them turn new product ideas into novel, commercially viable therapeutic drug products.
Our team has developed two types of Silica Matrix-based formulation platforms: ophthalmic silica composite eye drops and injectable silica composites.

Silica-based drug delivery platform for controlled drug release

DelSiTech Silica Matrix is a patented drug delivery platform based on biodegradable amorphous silica, designed to enable the stabilisation and long-acting controlled release of biological drugs and other drug molecules. The active ingredient is embedded into the Silica Matrix, which can be designed to biodegrade at the required rate. This assures a precise controlled release of the active substance over extended periods of time, ranging from days to years.

The Silica Matrix technology is versatile and can be used for any drugs, from small molecules to peptides, large biological drugs and vaccines. The technology enables stable concentration of the drug on therapeutic windows throughout the treatment. For treatments with uncomfortable administration routes such as intravitreal delivery, the decreased dosing regimen makes the treatment easier for the patient and reduces healthcare costs.

DelSiTech’s silica matrix allows you to administer small chemical molecules, peptides and proteins such as antibodies, RNA, DNA and complex carbohydrates in a controlled fashion while keeping the molecule stable and biologically active.

Drug delivery services for novel therapeutic products

DelSiTech provides drug delivery services for the pharma and biotech industries. We work with our partners to get the most out of their innovations and turn new product ideas into novel and commercially viable therapeutic drug products.

DelSiTech’s long-acting injectables for parenteral delivery include subcutaneous, intra-muscular, intra-articular, intra-tumoural and intravitreal formulations, which can be administered for several months up to a year with a single injection. Our topical eye drops for conjunctival delivery can last for 24 to 48 hours and release the therapeutic molecule in a controlled  fashion day and night  for the period considered with a single application.

The different types of silica matrix formulation platforms

DelSiTech has developed two types of Silica Matrix-based formulation platforms that can be used for different administration routes:

  • Injectable Silica Composite

DelSiTech’s injectable silica composite is designed for the high drug loading of small molecules or large biologics, capable of zero order release or low burst to burst-free release. The stable drug release form means products can be administered for several months up to a year via injections.

Injection routes: Sub-cutaneous, intra-muscular, intravitreal (ophthalmology), intrathecal,…

  • Ophthalmic Silica Composite Eye Drops

Our ophthalmic eye drops are designed to be well-tolerated and comfortable to apply and use for steady-state dosing – unlike with repeated dosing, there is no variation of drug concentration. One drop should be applied topically to the conjunctiva cul-de-sac once daily to ensure sustained drug concentration in the tear fluid over 24 hours.

Research and Development services for the entire drug development process

DelSiTech typically begins new projects with a feasibility study to demonstrate that our silica drug delivery technology is compatible with your active molecule or active components. This involves developing and manufacturing preliminary silica-based formulations and testing the drug release profile in in-vitro dissolution studies according to the targets you have set for the product. In addition, we can manufacture and supply, at non-GLP/GMP quality level, test products for preliminary animal studies to investigate the in-vivo pharmacokinetics and/or efficacy of the controlled release product.

Once feasibility studies are completed successfully, DelSiTech can continue to work with you by either transferring the technology to your site or taking on the main responsibility for additional studies on your behalf.

DelSiTech provides R&D services for Phase I and II clinical studies, including:

  • Pre-clinical development services (Formulation and CMC development, non-clinical toxicity, pharmacokinetics and animal efficacy models)
  • Pharmaceutical studies (formulation development, analytical development, stability studies and the manufacture of clinical trial material)
  • Early clinical development (Phase I-II clinical studies in healthy volunteers and patients)
  • Manufacturing services:  for technical, GLP and GMP supplies.

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Press Releases

  • DelSiTech Announces Closing of €10m Financing Round to Advance its Silica-Based Drug Delivery Technology Platform

    Clinical-stage drug delivery and development company DelSiTech today announces the successful completion of a €10m financing round, the largest single financing round in the company’s history. The financing was co-led by new investors DRW Venture Capital, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and Tolmar International, based in Dublin, Ireland, which together contributed more than €9m. The remaining financing was funded by existing DelSiTech shareholders.

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