Gerresheimer has announced it will be attending CPhI South East Asia, where it will be showcasing a range of innovations and company news, including the opening of its new tubular glass production plant in India for producing MultiShell vials.

The new plant will manufacture glass vials and ampoules in the Indian city of Kosamba. It will also produce innovative plastic MultiShell vials with unique barrier properties.

Gerresheimer will showcase this and similar news at booth H13 in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 27 March to 29 March.

Vice-president of sales and business development for Asia plastic packaging Lars Priess said:  “Whether a drug is better off stored in glass or plastic depends on its active ingredient and its characteristics.

“Gerresheimer can provide packaging made from both materials. We want to give our customers solutions that are best suited to their formulations.”

Gx vials and ampoules from Kosamba Gerresheimer’s new glassworks in India will allow it to more than satisfy the strong demand for Gx vials. The vials made by Gerresheimer can hold between 1ml and 50ml.

As well as its vials, the company will also be showcasing other core products, including ampoules, cartridges, flasks and more speciality products made from various grades of borosilicate glass.

The new plant in Kosamba produces premium-quality Gx vials and ampoules.