Everything from a single source for the pharmaceutics industry: the Gerresheimer Group again consistently builds on this principle in its plastic packaging business. The latest result of this development is a new tamper-evident closure system for tablet containers, which Gerresheimer manufactures internally, together with the integrated desiccant.

At its Danish plant in Vaerloese, Gerresheimer has built a state-of-the-art clean-room production facility in which the moisture-absorbing capsules are created in a single process under fully automated control. The customary composition and quality of the desiccant employed in the past does not change in any way because of this – but the resulting synergies are very interesting.

“Through production of all the components under one roof we exclude external influences as completely as possible – which above all means maximum safety”, says Burkhard Lingenberg, director of corporate PR and marketing for the Gerresheimer Group. In parallel, economic considerations play a role: the integrated production concept provides a base on which top quality can be realised at a stable cost level.

The innovation extends to the entire spectrum of desiccant closures in the Duma® product range – including a wide variety of high-quality, tamper-evident packaging for the large market for tablets:

The Duma® twist-off closure is available in two sizes – with up to 2g or 6g of integrated desiccant. The Duma® twist-off closure fits HDPE containers in a total of 27 size and shape variants with a round or squared base format containing from 15ml to 600ml. Additional options include child-resistant opening and a twist-aid for weak hands.

Through its innovative production concept alone, the second generation of Duma® twist-Off closures is so far unique in the market. As a pacemaker, however, it is also characterised by design refinements to the tamper-evident closure.

The safety rings have been reinforced. The increased stability not only precludes tear-offs while opening the packaging but also optimises the running characteristics of the closures on the filling and fabrication equipment of the pharmaceutical industry.

The prepared break points have been redesigned. The ergonomic design withstands all possible stress factors in the fabrication process yet substantially facilitates opening by the patient.

Safer, stronger and easier to use than ever before. With the new Duma® twist-Off generation now perfected in every regard, the experts of Gerresheimer pharmaplastic systems have created a new, future-oriented category of complementary systems. For customers it is immediately available without restriction: additional registrations are easy to do since the necessary documentation is already prepared and the same material as before is used in all the components.