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Gerresheimer is pleased to announce it will be showcasing its tubular glass packaging at the Pharmed & Healthcare event from 20-23 September in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The specialist in primary packaging will showcase its vials, ampoules, and dental cartridges at booth H4 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center.

Gerresheimer Shuangfeng sales director David Tsoe said: "Vietnam is a key market for Gerresheimer.

"We will be making our debut at Pharmed & Healthcare. Existing and potential customers will have the chance to discover all there is to know about Gerresheimer’s high-quality primary packaging made from tubular glass from the glass experts at booth H4."

Gx Vials

Gerresheimer’s trade fair booth will focus on injection vials, also known as Gx vials.

They are amongst the world’s most popular pharmaceutical packaging solutions and Gerresheimer produces versions in clear and amber glass that can hold between 1ml and 50ml.

The range of tubular glass vials on offer in Asia includes clear and amber glass types I and II.

All manner of different shapes are available, either with or without blowback and compliant with either international standards or the customer’s own specifications.

Gx ampoules

Gerresheimer offers a wide range of pharmaceutical ampoules made from pharmaceutical glass type I.

The standard range includes ampoules made from clear and amber glass that can hold between 1ml and 30ml.

Among these products are straight-stem, funnel-type, and closed ampoules that comply with the relevant ISO standards (types B, C, and D) with various break systems such as OPC (one point cut), CBR (color break ring), and score ring.

Customer-specific requirements can also be applied in conjunction with the current ISO standards.

Pen and dental cartridges

Gerresheimer produces premium-quality cartridges that hold between 1.5ml and 3.0ml and are geared toward the specific requirements of various different drugs.

Our range of products boasts both clear and amber borosilicate glass cartridges in hydrolytic class I.

Additional individual options are also available, for example hardening with aluminum sulfate, which further enhances the quality of the glass and thus the compatibility of the cartridges.

Gerresheimer’s production of tubular glass containers in Asia

At its two Chinese sites, Danyang I and II and Zhenjiang, and in the Indian city of Kosamba, Gerresheimer produces ampoules, injection vials, cartridges, laboratory vials (threaded vials), siliconized vials, and specialty products made from tubular glass.

Having a uniform global standard for its state-of-the-art machinery and employees who are trained in the production process ensures that all the workflows in all the plants meet the same standards.

Gerresheimer’s zero-defect strategy draws on the ‘product by process’ principle and aims to achieve a consistently high level of product quality around the world.

All of its glass production sites consistently apply the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 15378.

Gerresheimer products comply with the regulations of the applicable pharmacopeias (Pharm. Eur., USP, and JP) and meet all requirements.