Santapet is a leading supplier of primary ophthalmologic packaging. Our eye droppers are completely adaptable to your requirements, with a large range of sizes, capacities and designs as well as tamper-evident features.

Injection-blow moulded eye droppers

Our state-of-the-art injection-blow moulding machines imported from Jomar, the US and Procrea, Italy, produce eye dropper bottles that are of international quality and design.

Our tamper-evident eye droppers are available in volumes from 5ml to 30ml. They are manufactured using LDPE, HDPE or PP, come in regular or long shapes, and are fitted with nozzles or caps. We manufacture three different designs of eye droppers:

  • Sanpharm A
  • Sanpharm B
  • Sanpharm C

Our production facility is certified as Class 100,000.

Santapet manufactures plastic eye dropper bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.<br><br><br><br>
Santapet offers a range of tamper-evident eye droppers.<br><br><br><br>
Santapet's nasal sprayers are sterilisable and injection-blow moulded.<br><br><br><br>
Santapet produces injection-blow moulded tablet containers for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.<br><br><br><br>
Santapet is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of vaginal applicators.<br><br><br><br>

Design features of injection-blow moulded bottles (IBM)

  • Fibre-free – the IBM technology eliminates the secondary operations at source, thereby avoiding a major source of contamination
  • Leak-proof – to provide an efficient leak-proof pack we have given a groove in the nozzle and a corresponding collar on the neck of the bottle; when the nozzle is fitted on the bottle there is an audible click which signifies a snap fit, making the pack leak-proof
  • Tamper evidence – to provide a seal of tampering the dropper bottle has been designed in such a way that once the cap fits over the thread and the ratchet smoothly, on unscrewing the cap the seal breaks, giving evidence of tampering

Nasal sprayers

In addition to its range of eye droppers Santapet supplies a large range of nasal sprayers with differing dosages, capacities and designs, including a crimp-on pump system, screw-on pump system, squeeze LDPE and oral crimp-on pump applicator.

Our nasal sprayers are sterilisable and injection-blow moulded. The crimp-on pump system delivers an accurate dosage of 0.13ml per puff, while the squeeze LDPE delivers an accurate mist spray.

Tablet containers for pharmaceutical applications

Santapet also produces injection-blow moulded tablet containers for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The tablet containers are available with two options:

  • Child-resistant caps (CRC) with induction sealing wads
  • Caps with induction sealing wads

CRC containers are also available with silica gel canisters for dehumidifying air in containers. The canisters are available from 0.5gm to 3gm.

Vaginal applicators

Santapet is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of vaginal applicators. We have been manufacturing applicators since 2003. We have developed the following vaginal applicators:

  • Vaginal cream (M)
  • Vaginal cream (R)
  • Vaginal tablet

Droppers and bungs for glass vials

We supply top-quality eye droppers to the leading eye drop manufacturers. Our eye droppers are manufactured in an air-conditioned area and visually inspected in a clean area before sending them for sterilisation. The advantages of using LDPE bungs are:

  • Direct cost savings
  • No further processing required
  • Better yield

Companies that are currently using our LDPE bungs and droppers include GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Cadila Healthcare, Natco Pharma and East India Pharmaceuticals.

PE cream jars

We also supply top-quality PE cream jars to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.