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Join InnovaSystems at These Three Upcoming Events

Join InnovaSystems at these three upcoming events.

1) The RDD Asia conference will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Goa, India. It will feature updates on the respiratory drug delivery market in Asia, supporting academic collaboration and commercial development.

Speakers will address a number of modern ussies related to pMDIs, DPIs, nasal sprays, generic products, and nebulisers.

InnovaSystems will be present from 8 November to the 11 November.

2) The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, US. This year, the themes of the conference include advancing product development through novel technology, making new delivery modalities a reality, enhancing patient lives through accelerated drug development, and paving the way for precision medicine.

Innovasystems will be present from 13 November to 17 November.

3) The Drug Delivery to the Lungs 27 event will take place in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Scotland, UK.

The DLL aims to provide a conference dedicated to drug delivery to the airways. Exibiters will include 3M Drug Delivery Systems, Adroit Science, BESPAK, Cambridge Consultants, DCA Design International, and Emmace.

InnovaSystems will be present from 7 December to 9 December.

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