Upcoming Events for InnovaSystems - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Upcoming Events for InnovaSystems

InnovaSystems has announced it will be attending a range of events this year, including:

Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery Congress

Taking place from 8 May to 9 May in London, UK, the Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery Congress represents global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions. It showcases the latest presentations and case studies in formulating inhaled therapies and developing novel inhalation devices.

American Association of Pharmacutical Scientists

Taking place from 4 November to 7 November in Washington DC, US, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists’ annual meeting attracts hundreds of exhibitors with dozens of additional learning opportunities. With 7,000 attendees from around the globe last year, the event is an indispensable career development session for managers and administrators.

RDD Asia

Taking place from 14 November to 16 November in Kerala, India, RDD Asia incorporates US and European RDD meetings into one of the world’s most prominent emerging markets and hotbed of inhaler development.

Drug Delivery to the Lungs

Taking place from 12 December to 14 December in Edinburgh, UK, the Drug Delivery to the Lungs event is an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation.

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