Weibel to Exhibit at Pharmapack, France

Weibel CDS has announced it will be showcasing its products at Pharmapack in Paris for the sixth time.

Present from 1 February to 2 February in booth G48, Weibel CDS’ exhibit will confirm its vision offering: ‘every parenteral drug is made available to the world in a ready to use form’ and its motto ‘safer, easier, and faster drug delivery’.

Production of the SuperCapSyringe® has reached industrial levels and is fully validated. This product upgrades your vial to a prefilled syringe. It is supplied in different sizes, with staked needles, and a passive safety device.
DrugDeliverySystems of Weibel CDS are ready to use, with no transfer of the drug required. This makes life safer and easier. Weibel CDS is first in the market offering a ready-to-use, prefilled device. Systems are based on the company’s MiniBag concept on standard cartridges or syringes.

Weibel will be presenting a speech on day two at 14.00 Central European Time (CET) where the subject ‘patch pump applications, not just insulin’ is being discussed, covering how self-medication of parenteral drugs and changing needs will influence the future design of drug-delivery systems. Case studies will demonstrate how pharmaceutical companies could benefit from novelty solutions.

MiniBagSystems are in the preparation phase for high-speed filling. Numerous stability tests are proving its performance showing values even better than glass.

The Squeezer is based on the MiniBagSystem concept, enabling fast and easy stability and preclinical testing of drugs in combination with the various materials available. The material in contact with the drug is usually cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). Squeezer plates guarantee reproducible delivery of the content.

Benchtop filling station is a six-position roundtable filling station built for MiniBagSystems with integrated closure. With a capacity at approximately 10s per cycle and up to 2 mio fillings per annum, the pump can be chosen freely depending on the fill media. This station is ideally suited to fill small batches in a laboratory or production environment.

For clinical studies and small-scale productions Weibel CDS offers contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) filling services in a good manufacturing practice (GMP) class B cleanroom. Facilitating your project and enabling you a head start without the need of heavy investments.

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