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Machine Manufacturing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Kiskun Meridian specialises in machine manufacturing and products in stainless and acid-proof steels to meet the pharmaceutical industry's unique demands.

Kecskeméti út 173,
Kiskunfélegyháza, 6100 Hungary
Pharmaceutical Machine Manufacturing

Kiskun Meridian specialises in machine manufacturing and products in stainless and acid-proof steels to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s unique demands.

The company delivers its products in a fully assembled and ready-to-use condition. Upon request, it also offers unique technical and electrical implementation on-site to clients with control systems.

Kiskun Meridian’s production site is in Hungary, but its solutions are available for purchase across Europe.


The activities of Kiskun Meridian include the production of:

  • Grinders and mills
  • Powder and granule processing machines
  • Multi-purpose and multifunctional appliances
  • Homogenising mixers
  • Filters
  • Pressure cabins
  • Suspending equipment
  • Reactors
  • Vacuum dryers
  • Autoclaves
  • Fermenters
  • Special containers

Pharmaceutical machine design capabilities

Kiskun Meridian can fulfil complex orders from the planning phase to product manufacture, including assembly and on-site implementation.

Product construction takes place using the company’s engineers, who compile 2D and 3D versions of each prototype using AutoCad software, customised to individual client requirements.

Due to varying complexity levels of products, Kiskun Meridian can deliver the control system of more multifaceted equipment with programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, according to a client’s specification.

Stainless-steel machines for pharmaceutical applications

Kiskun Meridian constructs its machines from austenitic stainless-steel, with a surface roughness between Ra0.4µm and 1.6µm. Product service is prepared mechanically and / or electropolishing, following unique client and application demands.

The company manufactures its products in explosion-proof and intrinsically safe execution, which serves the correspondence of displays, instruments, electrical fittings and electric engines based on equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX) regulations.

Machine manageability and durability

Kiskun Meridian designs its products to ensure they are easy to operate and handle during significant recurring procedures such as assembling, dismantling and cleaning.

It is a fundamental requirement for Kiskun Meridian’s products to meet operating demands at a continually high level for extended periods. Therefore, as part of the manufacturing process, the company carries out several tests to guarantee product durability.

Applied welding processes

Kiskun Meridian uses several applied welding processes when constructing its machines, including manual arc welding with coated electrode (method 111) and argon gas-shielded welding with tungsten electrode (AWI) (method 141).

The company checks the welded seams of its pressure appliances via radiography and ultrasonography; welding seam quality is v>0,85.

For Kiskun Meridian’s non-pressure appliances, the company checks the welding with penetration tests.

Certifications and qualifications

Appliances delivered to clients often operate in fire and explosive environments. Therefore, Kiskun Meridian pays special attention to the validation of the ATEX rules during design, production and examinations, implementing safe solutions and associated documentation.

Kiskun Meridian has the following certifications and applied standards:

  • Examination certificates of welding process technology (WPAR-TÜV)
  • Eligibility certificates of welded structures
  • Operating under International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 9001 quality management system
  • Pressure equipment directive (2014/68/EU Directive)
  • Unfired pressure vessels (UPV) and German AD-2000 Merkblatt

According to the production specifications of pressure appliances, Kiskun Meridian takes part in the setup and installation of equipment and qualification documents preparation.

Kiskun Meridian focuses on correspondences with international standards, applying measures during the planning of products, choosing materials and testing the production plant.

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