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Separation and Purification Solutions, Ion Exchange Excipients and Ion Exchange APIs

Dow Water & Process Solutions

Dow Water & Process Solutions helps fuel the development of today’s most promising drugs and therapies. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Dow innovation helps pharmaceutical companies increase their value and market relevance with products and technologies that support speed to market, increase flexibility and drive new formulations.

In pharmaceuticals, Dow Water & Process Solutions specializes in providing technology and products in three key areas: purification / separation technology for bioprocessing, functional excipients for formulation and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

  • Dow ion exchange resins, chromatographic media and nanofiltration elements improve flexibility and efficiency in the critical separation and purification steps of drug manufacturing
  • Dow’s functional excipients are used by formulators in five key areas: taste masking, controlled and modified release, abuse deterrence, solubility and stability
  • For more than 20 years, Dow has been manufacturing the active ingredients to treat hyperkalemia (excessive potassium in the bloodstream) and hypercholesterolemia (excessive cholesterol in the bloodstream)

High-value separation and purification solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturers

Dow Water & Process Solutions identifies, develops and offers high-value separation and purification solutions to biopharmaceutical manufacturers, helping them to achieve a higher degree of flexibility and efficiency in downstream processing. Dow’s high-quality production capabilities and decades of technical and regulatory expertise help offer customers with reliably consistent products and support that they can rely on for their manufacturing processes.

In a nicotine gum, Dow ion exchange resins help to stabilize the active ingredient.
With a well-known OTC cough suppressant, ion exchange resins offer an extended-release benefit - and a better taste.
Dow ion exchange resins are a critical component of today’s most promising pharmaceutical products, helping to make medicines taste better, last longer and work more effectively.
Excipient technologies help drug-makers improve drug delivery.

Dow provides expert technical service support for applications ranging from chromatographic separations to manufacturing process improvements. These cover all phases of biopharmaceutical downstream processing, from initial capture to purification and final polishing.

Dow demonstrates its innovation in bioprocessing through such breakthrough new products as the uniform particle size strong cation, AMBERCHROM HPS60. A more rigid resin for higher titers and improved selectivity and throughput, AMBERCHROM HPS60 helps manufacturers to decrease development time by offering a wide processing operating window. As manufacturers struggle with standardization and production pressures, innovative media such as AMBERCHROM HPS60 delivers exceptional performance.

Functional ion exchange excipients for improved drug delivery

Functional ion exchange excipients are the unsung heroes of drug formulation. Over several decades, Dow has built a broad portfolio of functional excipient technologies, based on ion exchange resins, to help improve the delivery of drugs and support ever-challenging industry needs. These functional excipients provide formulation flexibility in five key areas:

  1. Taste masking
  2. Controlled release
  3. Abuse deterrence
  4. Solubility
  5. Stability

Ion exchange functional excipients offer a proven, safe technology to solve difficult formulation problems to help drug companies to enhance product functionality, extend patent life and improve patient compliance.

Clinical expectations for controlled-release medications are evolving rapidly. Patients and doctors are looking to streamline drug regimens without compromising safety and effectiveness. Scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical partners work with Dow to design new formulations that help balance these imperatives. Our innovations may lead to healthier lives: drug delivery effectiveness can make the difference to the health and quality of a patient’s life. Whether minimizing the number of daily dosages, effectively controlling medication release, or taste masking a bitter drug, Dow functional excipient technologies help patients gain better control of their health.

A 20-plus year history in ion exchange APIs

For more than two decades, Dow’s active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) ion-exchange resins have proven an especially valuable treatment, as they help produce measurable and vital results without any harmful side effects to the patient. Dow supplies two APIs: cholestyramine and polystyrene sulfonate (PPS), used respectively in medicines to treat high cholesterol and high potassium, a common condition in renal failure.

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