Peter Greven Group is a producer of oleochemical additives and auxiliaries. The company was founded in 1923 as a family-owned company. Due to a consistent growth and further developments Peter Greven is nowadays the market leader for pharmaceutical magnesium stearates in Europe.

Magnesium, calcium and zinc stearates

In our plant in Venlo, the Netherlands, we produce magnesium, calcium and zinc stearates based on vegetable sources for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

Pharmaceutical magnesium stearates: LIGAMED®

Our pharmaceutical products LIGAMED MF-2-V and LIGAMED MF-3-V are vegetable magnesium stearates of a very high purity for the production of tablets and capsules.

The validated and special process of our production guarantees a high degree of batch-to-batch consistency and a high specific surface area. This results in a good speed of release during pressing and constant performance of the tablets such as hardness and dissolution profiles.

Peter Greven Group is a producer of oleochemical additives and auxiliaries.
We are the European market leader in pharmaceutical magnesium stearates.
Our pharmaceutical magnesium stearates improve dosage efficiency.
LIGAMED MF-2-V and LIGAMED MF-3-V are vegetable magnesium stearates designed for the production of tablets and capsules.
LIGAMED premium excipient offers extremely high efficiency in pharmaceutical applications.

The high percentages of fine particles and build-up of the crystals of LIGAMED MF-2-V guarantee a high lubrication and a good release effect, and therefore economic and profitable production. The usual dosage is 0.2% to 1.0% by weight.

LIGAMED magnesium stearates for efficient dosage

By small addition of our magnesium stearate the flow behaviour of master batch powders is highly improved for efficient dosage in capsules or improvement of the stability for powder formulations.

Kosher and Halal-certified magnesium stearates

Our products meet the standards of the latest monographs: USP/NF, Ph.Eur, JP, BP, DAB.

A Kosher Certificate for these types is available and is in compliance with Halal regulations. The Jewish and Arab cultures now demand this for over-the-counter sales of nutraceuticals such as vitamin tablets.

LIGAMED PREMIUM: pharmaceutical magnesium stearates for highly regulated applications

Beside the above-mentioned grades we are glad to inform you about our special grade LIGAMED MF-2-V-PREMIUM, which is for highly regulated applications. It is identical to LIGAMED MF-2-V in performance, but very broadly and intensively tested with full fatty acid profiles, particle size characterisation and very intense microbial testing.

LIGAMED SA-1-V and LIGAMED SA-2-V: high-quality pharmaceutical stearic acids

Magnesium stearate is number one in the list of the top ten excipients used in solid oral dosage forms; it is listed in more than 2,500 medical products. But there are some special pharmaceutical formulations, including components, which are incompatible with magnesium stearate. For these special formulations stearic acid can be used as lubricant.

We are glad that we can now offer two grades of very high-quality stearic acid for this pharmaceutical niche application: our LIGAMED SA-1-V and LIGAMED SA-2-V.

Both products are very fine grades of a vegetable-based stearic acid with a very high purity. Our LIGAMED SA products meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry and are manufactured by a special production process.

Both grades meet the following standards:

  • Compliance with USP/ NF, BP, Ph. Eur., DAB, JP and FCC
  • Produced according IPEC GMP