Pfanstiehl is aggressively investing in its potent API contract manufacturing capabilities at its US-based cGMP facility located north of Chicago, US.

This expansion has taken the form of new state-of-the-art equipment, updated permanent and flexible containment solutions, open development and manufacturing capacity, top tier technical and business development personnel, as well as a new collaborative culture focused on delivering customised solutions to clients from early development / toxicology through drug commercialisation.

Pfanstiehl is focused on building on its nearly century-old heritage by encouraging prospective clients to ‘Rediscover Pfanstiehl’. As the first company worldwide to obtain the prestigious SafeBridge certification for potent compound handling and manufacture, Pfanstiehl is well-positioned to address the growing market need for elite-level manufacturers of cGMP drug substances, which includes highly potent linker-toxins that play a critical role in an ADC platform.

Matt Tower, Pfanstiehl’s new director of business development and SAFC alumnus, believes that Pfanstiehl’s timing could not be better. "I’m thrilled to be a part of the rediscovery, growth, and success of Pfanstiehl’s API / HPAPI offering," he said. "Today’s successful pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies demand a perfect blend of speed, quality, communication, and flexibility from their drug outsourcing partner. We feel Pfanstiehl is well positioned to meet and exceed these expectations."

With the globalisation of the industry, API sourcing experts are increasingly challenged with the often daunting task of selecting manufacturing partners from around the world, while trying to gain an understanding of the supply chain and regulatory complexities that apply by region and often by molecule. The global regulatory environment, now more than ever, dictates that these critical actives not only function properly, but are manufactured under cGMP, are derived from a supply chain with the appropriate level of traceability and transparency, and are manufactured safely, sustainably, and economically.

Since shedding Ferro in April of 2013, Pfanstiehl has been reinvesting in its two core businesses; highly potent APIs and high purity cGMP-produced injectable grade formulation components. Long-known for its first-in-class process chemistry expertise, Pfanstiehl is focused on delivering superior quality, technical and service excellence, and innovative customer solutions.