HOF Sonderanlagenbau is pleased to announce its online seminar on 3 December at 2:00 pm, as part of its third HOF Technical Forum 2020.

Despite the current turbulent times, our 3rd HOF Technical Forum is taking place – although in a new format.

Of course, we would have much preferred to welcome you in person once again, as there is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting with a personal exchange of information – but of course, everyone’s health and safety come first!

In spite of the pandemic situation, we are consciously looking ahead. In the frame of this seminar, we therefore would like to provide you with solution-based support, specialist knowledge and new, innovative ideas.

HOF refrigeration technologies at a glance

The entire industry is currently in upheaval due to the social and political rules and regulations with regard to climate change, and many system owners are uncertain.

HOF has been committed to the issues of environmental protection, climate protection and greenhouse gases for a long time. That is why HOF offers its plants based on conventional refrigeration technology as well as a range of other technologies where cold is generated using natural refrigerants.

An overview of the benefits and advantages:

  • Compression refrigeration
  • Nitrogen as a refrigerant
  • Hydrocarbons as a refrigerant

The new innovative technology: HOF CryoBlizzard – air as a refrigerant

HOF has developed a new process which uses ambient air as a refrigerant and exceeds the current requirements for freeze-drying and blast freezing.

Using air for refrigeration offers multiple advantages.

For one, air is available everywhere, can be used safely and does not promote climate change in any way. In addition to this, temperatures below -80 °C can easily be achieved with cold air machines such as the HOF CryoBlizzard. Legal regulations regarding the F-Gas Regulation consequently do not apply.

An overview of benefits and advantages:
  • Natural refrigerant (GWP 0)
  • Uses ambient air
  • “Scale-up” using central cooling
  • Future-proof and not affected by regulations
  • Low maintenance effort
  • High-temperature flexibility
  • Low noise emissions
  • Virtually no requirements for placement of the machine
    (pressure considerations/refrigerant)
  • Very low training and safety requirements for employees

Co-speaker: Herr Thomas Frank; Refolution Industriekälte GmbH.

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