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Medical Research and Development in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

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Bird Healthcare (BHC) develops world-class medical innovations to the dental, respiratory and sleep medicine markets.

BHC brings together a diverse team of scientific, engineering, medical and business knowledge, as well as years of industry experience. For more than 25 years, we have manufactured numerous globally patented high-quality medical products.

Understanding client needs across multiple medical fields

It is our mission to ensure medical devices supplied not only work as intended but at a superior level in comparison with market alternatives.

We work diligently to ensure we maintain an impeccable company culture and reputation in the market and dedicate ourselves to working in a manner that follows our values and mission.

BHC has worked alongside clients from various medical fields and can tailor solutions to fit individual requirements including OEM branding with complimentary graphic design.

High-quality asthma spacers with one-way butterfly valve

The E-chamber range of spacers with Butterfly Valve Technology improves the delivery of pressurised metered-dose inhaler medications into the lungs. Individuals suffering from respiratory conditions are typically recommended pressurised metered dosed inhaler (pMDI) medications to manage symptoms.

For many individuals, mastering the correct technique when using an inhaler can be challenging, leading to sub-optimal and poor drug delivery to the lungs. The E-chamber range can enable individuals to overcome any issues that arise from an incorrect technique in managing to breathe and inhale simultaneously.

Furthermore, E-chamber with Butterfly Valve Technology helps to reduce the need for coordination and distribution of medicine, allowing for higher delivery of the treatment to the lungs.

Bacterial respiratory mouthpiece filters

The Suregard® filter is an Australian-owned, highly effective filter barrier device for spirometry devices. The product protects patients and technicians from infection and cross-contamination. Suregard’s research and development (R&D) team is accredited to contributions from the scientific and medical communities of New Zealand and Australia.

Suregard’s performance is attributed to the use of inert, latex-free, eco-friendly polypropylene plastic with world-leading filter material, offering superior filtration at high flow rates.

While other mouthpiece adapters have a circular end for the patient, Suregard filters use an integrated elliptical mouthpiece provides maximum comfort and prevention of leaks. A paediatric adapter is also available for paediatric, scleroderma and other neuromuscular conditions.

Respiratory diagnostics range for lung health testing

BHC’s extensive catalogue of respiratory diagnostics devices, sensors and consumables are built on our gold standard distribution partners.

Manufacturers include GANSHORN, Bosch, Thorasys, Medikro, Ventica, MD Diagnotiscs and Hans Rudolph.

Somnology devices, sensors and consumables

Bird Healthcare’s extensive catalogue of somnology devices, sensors and consumables are built on our gold standard distribution partners.

Manufacturers include SOMNOmedics, Dymedixs Diagnostics, Nihon Koden, Weaver and BHC’s OEM range Suresense & Sureflow.

About BHC

BHC is an Australian-owned business with more than two decades of expertise in developing world-class medical innovations.

Our catalogue of accessible and innovative products supports the global sleep and respiratory market in research, diagnostics and treatment.

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