Bruker develops high-performance analytical instruments in the pharmaceutical sector to improve the quality of life for all people. Our solutions are designed to allow scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop applications, making real progress possible.

This can start with small steps such as the analysis of raw materials and production processes, but it continues with the development of materials and pharmaceuticals.  This ultimately facilitates the study of biological processes and tissue samples and humans’ impact on the Earth and its ecosystems.

Our systems also play a key role in controlling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We develop comprehensive hardware and software solutions to help our customers comply with regulatory requirements worldwide and make analytical processes easily traceable in laboratory and process environments.

Bruker Optics’ ALPHA II spectrometer is suitable for analysing all types of samples.
The BRAVO Raman spectrometer is designed to help verify raw materials as easily as possible.
Bruker Optics’ MPA-II spectrometer can be adapted easily to any analysis task with its modular design.
The INVENIO FT-IR spectrometer has a newly designed beam path to ensure a high signal-to-noise ratio.
Our solutions are designed to maximise the use of materials by giving more control over the manufacturing process.
Bruker Optics offers solutions for life science research, applied science, pharmaceuticals, microscopy and nanoanalytics.
Our products provide the stability and throughput required for Raman spectroscopy.

Bruker always strives to catalyse innovation and increase productivity while ensuring the success of our customers in life science research, applied science, pharmaceuticals, microscopy, and nanoanalytics. We support industrial applications, cell biology, preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics, proteomics research, and clinical microbiology.

Part of Bruker Corporation, Bruker Optics is a global provider of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Fourier transform near-infrared (FT-NIR) and Raman spectrometers. We also supply mobile gas chromatograph and mass spectrometers, ion mobility spectrometers and radiological detection systems for various industries, institutions, and applications.

Compact FT-IR spectrometers for chemical analysis

Bruker Optics’ ALPHA II FT-IR spectrometer enables the quality control, quantification, and verification of raw materials for all pharmaceutical applications. The device is designed to analyse any sample type with minimal user effort while saving laboratory space and energy.

The ALPHA II features our RockSolid interferometer, QuickSnap sampling modules, and CenterGlow source technology. It can be controlled using the integrated touchscreen computer or alternatively connected to an external computer.

FT-NIR spectrometer solutions for quality control and analysis

The MPA II FT-NIR spectrometer from Bruker Optics is ideal for both daily quality control and analysis tasks, as well as more sophisticated method development studies. The device’s modular design allows it to be adapted easily to meet your needs.

The MPA II features our permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer and high-sensitivity indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detectors, with a linear response over the complete wavenumber range to ensure the most accurate and reproducible results possible.

Raman spectroscopy solutions for raw material identification

Bruker Optics’ BRAVO Raman spectrometer is designed to help verify raw materials as easily as possible. Its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) is supported by a large touchscreen to simplify the verification workflow.

The spectrometer features Bruker’s patented SSE fluorescence mitigation technology and IntelliTip automated measuring tip recognition, as well as wavenumber calibration and automated batch scan reporting capabilities.

Advanced spectrometers for research and development and routine analysis

The INVENIO FT-IR spectrometer from Bruker Optics is suitable for a wide range of research applications, from routine quality control to advanced research and development. The device aims to provide peak performance and reveal the smallest spectral details with its efficient design and precise optics.

The INVENIO features a newly designed beam path to guarantee a high signal-to-noise ratio and has two sample compartments to allow multiple IR setups to be used in parallel. It uses Bruker’s patented FM technology to concurrently measure mid-infrared (MIR) and far infrared (FIR) signals.

About Bruker Optics

Bruker Optics offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for a range of applications, from research and development to industrial production processes, quality control and process reliability.

We have offered FT-IR spectrometers since 1974 and set several milestones with evacuable optics, ultra-high-resolution spectrometers, fully automated spectral range coverage and more.

We operate research and production facilities in Ettlingen and Leipzig, Germany, as well as active technical support centres and sales offices worldwide.