Distek’s PrepEngine Mini Sample Prep Station is designed for assay, impurity and content uniformity applications.

The PrepEngine Mini was developed through collaborations with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to simplify and speed up the content uniformity sample preparation process. The result was a high-output stirring station that can prepare content uniformity samples up to 90% faster than conventional methods.

The PrepEngine Mini’s compact benchtop design incorporates two high-speed PrepTube stations with adjustable speed from 100rpm to 6,000rpm, and run times from five seconds to four hours.

There are multiple PrepTube designs and sizes available, including clear or amber, non-sterilised or sterilised and 50ml to 500ml. These provide maximum testing flexibility: simply insert and twist a prepared tube to start the test.

At the time of release, Distek’s vice-president of sales and business development says Jeff Seely said: “Our partnership with Two Square Science has resulted in another high-quality product for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The PrepEngine Mini brings to market the same advantages and features as the PrepEngine only in a much smaller package.  We are excited to bring to market a high throughput content uniformity sample prep station at a very attractive price point.”