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Validation and Monitoring Solutions

Ellab has been your validation and monitoring partner since 1949, offering wireless data loggers and thermocouple systems for thermal validation processes as well as environmental wireless monitoring solutions.


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Ellab has been your validation and monitoring partner since 1949, offering wireless data loggers and thermocouple systems for thermal validation processes as well as environmental wireless monitoring solutions.

Ellab offers a wide range of complete solutions for various validation, calibration and monitoring applications, providing you with the best the industry has to offer.

We serve both small and large companies within the life science industry and have solutions for almost all applications such as sterilization, freeze-drying, environmental chamber testing, depyrogenation, warehouse mapping and many more

Inclusive series of  environmental wireless monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

We offer a comprehensive range of products, such as wireless data loggers, thermocouple systems, wireless environmental monitoring systems, calibration equipment, software solutions and accessories.

The TrackSense&#174; Pro <i>Sky</i> system is used for real-time process monitoring.
E-Val Flex is Ellab’s cable-based system used for thermal validation.
ETI is a temperature-indicating device and can replace MIG thermometers.
TrackSense&#174; Pro X loggers and Teflon sensors enable both product and shelf temperatures to be monitored in the lyophilization process.
Ellab’s TrackSense&#174; Pro high-temperature sensors are ideal for monitoring processes with extreme heat such as depyrogenation.

As well as customer support programs that include technical support, field and factory calibrations, on-site validation service capabilities and equipment rentals. When combined with our hardware and software engineering and research offices in Denmark and the UK, our various sales and service centres, and over 120 distributors around the globe, our worldwide presence allows us to provide outstanding validation and qualification services, rentals and calibrations, no matter where you are.

Innovative environmental wireless monitoring solutions with our customers in mind

Ellab develops its unique and innovative solutions based on input from close interactions and dialogues with our customers.

Our goal is to help our customers overcome challenges and increase their productivity by providing reliable and efficient solutions that are supported by a responsive and competent service team.

Customised systems built to last

The wide range of diverse products and customized fittings that Ellab offers, come in different shapes and sizes that allow users to accurately position sensors and measure the essential parts of a process. The TrackSense® Pro data loggers and E-Val Pro thermocouple system can be fitted with sensors that measure additional parameters like temperature, pressure, vacuum, CO2, relative humidity and conductivity.

The stainless-steel data loggers are particularly useful, as they can be fully emerged in water, steam and oil, without requiring cables or a feed through the system. They can also be placed within most processes due to their highly resistant and small stature.

Other services offered by Ellab

In addition to our high-end products, Ellab’s Validation Team also stands ready to serve, providing everything from IQ/OQ qualifications, temperature mapping, process validations and much more – all compliant with international norms and regulations as well as best industry practices.

Ellab has a long tradition and dedication to delivering the highest performance and quality in our industry. Our flexible and user-friendly thermal validation and monitoring solutions are recognized and used by thousands of customers worldwide within the life science industry.

White Papers

  • Temperature Mapping

    Temperature mapping is the process of determining the temperature profile of a particular temperature-controlled environment or process such as a freezer, refrigerator, incubator, stability chamber, warehouse or autoclave by measuring multiple points in a defined area over a specified study duration

  • Freeze Drying Theory

    Freeze Drying, or Lyophilization, has become an accepted method of processing sensitive products that require long term storage at temperatures above freezing.


Press Releases

Products & services

  • Validation Systems

    Optimise your validation process with Ellab’s wide range of TrackSense Pro wireless data loggers. The TrackSense Pro series are specifically designed for various applications and processes within the life science industry, providing quick setup times and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.

  • Monitoring Solutions

    Hanwell Pro is our most versatile environmental wireless monitoring system, featuring wireless data loggers, high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unrivalled radio strength.

  • Qualification & Validation Services

    In addition to manufacturing the finest environmental mapping equipment available for conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, pressure, vacuum and conductivity; Ellab also offers validation services specialising in temperature mapping.

  • Rentals

    Data logger rentals are a great option for any need that you may have. Ellab can provide you with anything from complete turnkey- to supplemental rentals, or:

  • Calibration Solutions / Call to Action

    Calibration is essential for success in the world of validation, which is why Ellab offers pre-calibrated products and regular calibrations of measuring equipment world-wide.

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