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Clean Air and Laminar Flow Equipment, Vacuum and Cooling Equipment, and Centrifugation Equipment

Industrivej 6-8,
DK-3540 Lynge Denmark

LaboGene™ is a Danish company that specialises in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and industrial equipment in the fields of clean air and laminar flow, vacuum and cooling, and centrifugation.

Clean air and laminar flow cabinets

Our ScanLaf equipment represents the best in Class I, Class II and laminar flow cabinets, with the advantages of low energy consumption, environmental and personal protection, digital control, ergonomic design, and conformity to all required national and international standards.

Down flow modules and clean air enclosures

The Industrial ScanLaf programme offers a range of down flow modules and clean air enclosures for powder and animal handling, as well air showers and glove boxes, all of which can be produced to customers’ specifications – a truly unique bespoke portfolio.

Freeze drying and vacuum concentration equipment

Our ScanVac range epitomises the best in freeze drying and vacuum concentration equipment. We offer nine bench-top models with either -55ºC or -110ºC condenser temperatures and 4l, 9l or 15l capacities, and two floor-standing models with 80l condensers at -55ºC or -90ºC. These are offered as basic units or PRO versions with full microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure with optional pressure regulation or documentation, or control by computer.

Together with accessories and components compatible with previous Heto models, ScanVac offers continuity of service with expert advice and assistance.

Ultra freezers for sample storage

ScanCool, the brand that describes a range of ultra freezers for sample storage, offers a choice of chest or upright models from 100l to 600l capacity. Environmentally friendly insulation and compressor technology, as well as energy-saving design concepts, mean that our extensive range of ultra freezers sets the standard for today’s laboratory.

Cooling and cryogenic baths and circulators

The ChillSafe range of cooling and cryogenic baths and circulators completes the ScanCool offering. ChillSafe cooling and cryogenic baths and circulators have capacities of 8l to 18l and temperatures from -30°C to -90°C.

A wide range of accessories is available for this range, including flex-trays and clamps for flasks and test tube racks, as well as kits for external circulation.

Centrifugation equipment

ScanSpeed is the name that defines quality centrifuges from LaboGene. We offer bench-top high and low speed centrifuges with or without refrigeration for today’s discerning laboratory technician, as well as quality engineering with modern designs and features that exemplify Danish craftsmanship. Features include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Unique internal air flow design
  • Easy-to-follow display and controls
  • Automatic RPM / RCF conversion
  • Automatic detection and alarms for excess weight, speed and heating
  • Safety lid lock and lid–drop protection
  • Emergency door-lock release
  • Autoclavable and corrosion-resistant rotors with symmetrical numbering
  • High-quality cabinets with scratch-resistant powder-coated finish
  • Manufactured and tested to IEC standards

LaboGene ApS

Industrivej 6-8

DK-3540 Lynge