A British multinational company entrusted LB Bohle with a unique assignment: development of a containment coater specially designed for research and development (R&D) purposes.

Executive director Thorsten Wesselmann said: “We have always built coaters for containment applications for the production scale. This is why we now had to develop a new solution for R&D.”

Standard BFC 5 as a basis

The Laboratory Coater BFC 5, which is currently used successfully in product development and for small batches, served as the basis machine for the project. In a second step, we configured the BFC as a high containment coater. A particular challenge was the installation of the entire technology in the smaller system.

Wesselmann continued: “We adopted some elements from projects and systems, among other things, the door from the BFC 50 as well as the sampling with inflatable seals from other successful projects.”

Standard BFC 5 as a basis

Wesselmann added: “The industry’s requirements concerning containment are increasing at a rapid pace due to highly potent active ingredients. Apart from comprehensive safety aspects for the environment and operators, we at LB Bohle attach special importance to comfortable handling.”

Therefore, sampling can be performed easily at the front door of the coater.

The BFC 5 Containment Coater is designed for OEB level 4 and is used by the customer for product development, as well as for the manufacture of products for clinical trials.

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