L.B. Bohle once again focuses on new machines and continuous manufacturing at the ACHEMA. After three machines – the BFC 400 tablet coater, the BRC 100 dry granulator and the QbCon® 1, the only truly continuous wet granulator and dryer ‒ were not only presented but also awarded the German Design Award, L.B. Bohle is following up at Achema.

With the BFC 5 laboratory coater, the BTS 200 sieving machine and the BRC 25 dry granulator, Bohle is presenting the next generation of machines. The BRC 100 and QbCon® 1 systems for continuous tablet production will also be on display. The LM 40 laboratory mixer rounds off the extensive range of exhibits.

With the QbCon® 1, Bohle will show the world’s only machine for truly continuous wet granulation and fluidised bed drying. QbCon® 1 offers ideal conditions, especially for the entry into continuous production, as it delivers valid results very quickly. Truly continuous drying and granulation is achieved with very short and reproducible dwell times in the dryer and stable granule quality in terms of moisture and particle size. QbCon® 1 is space-saving and suitable for very low throughputs (0.5-2.5 kg/h).

With the new BRC 25 dry granulator, L.B. Bohle also meets the increasing demands for continuous processes. Thanks to the modern electromechanical drive, no oil is required and oil changes are no longer necessary. Compressibility is not affected by changes in oil properties, and energy consumption is lower because the oil does not need to be cooled during the process.

The BRC can be assembled and disassembled in less than ten minutes. The screen can also be changed quickly ‒ it is possible to change from a conical sieve to an oscillating sieve in a very short time. The BRC 25 and BRC 100 are equipped with fast and effective WIP cleaning.

With the BFC 5, L.B. Bohle presents its new laboratory coater. Based on the existing stand-alone machine, operation, accessibility, cleaning and flexibility have been optimised. A new modular nozzle arm for up to four nozzles, depending on the application, stands for flexibility and excellent coating results.

The laboratory coater can be operated with a total of three different drum sizes. As standard, the coater is equipped with two drums that allow batch sizes of two to six litres and five to 13 litres respectively. The smaller drum allows batch sizes of 0.5-3l when using a divider plate. Scale-up is of course guaranteed.

A new slotted mini-drum for test and very small batches of 150 to 350 grams offers even more flexibility. Now it is possible to coat not only full-size cores, but also small cores as small as 1.5mm in diameter. This makes the drum an effective and profitable addition, particularly in product development and for cost-intensive active ingredients or formulations.

For the first time, L.B. Bohle will also present the technically optimised and redesigned BTS 200, which is used to calibrate the particle size of dry or wet products. The new flexible system features improved ease of operation, optimised CIP cleaning and reduced product loss thanks to improved blade geometry.

L.B. Bohle presents the new BFC 5 laboratory coater for the first time at ACHEMA.
The new BRC 25 dry granulator offers efficiency, flexibility and ease of operation.

L.B. Bohle at ACHEMA  – Halle 3.0, Stand A71, 25 April 2024