Mesa Releases 24-Hour Biological Indicator for Sterrad® Sterilisation Process - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Mesa Releases 24-Hour Biological Indicator for Sterrad® Sterilisation Process

Mesa announce its new Biological Indicator.

Mesa Labs has announced the introduction of a new biological indicator (BI), ExpoSure™.

The ExpoSure™ BI is a self-contained biological indicator (SCBI) for use in monitoring the efficacy of the following STERRAD® sterilisation cycles:

  • STERRAD® 50
  • STERRAD® 100S (short and long*)
  • STERRAD® 200 (short and long*)
  • STERRAD® NX® (advanced and standard)

*Long applies to industrial cycles only

ExpoSure has received its 510(k) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making it suitable for healthcare and non-healthcare settings and usage. Its 24-hour incubation time and flexibility makes it a powerful tool to help facilities maintain compliance and patient safety, while offering a reliable and robust 12-month expiry.

With 30 indicators per box, ExpoSure is suited to a budget-conscious departments looking for an affordable alternative product, which delivers high-quality and consistent results.

ExpoSure is a direct replacement product and can be used in conjunction with existing incubators out in the field (55°C -60°C). The on-board chemical indicator confirms that it has been exposed by changing from red to blue upon exposure to the sterilant.

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