Mesa Labs Releases Continuous Monitoring System ViewPoint - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Mesa Labs Releases Continuous Monitoring System ViewPoint

Mesa Laboratories has announced the release of ViewPoint®, a continuous monitoring system designed to provide an intuitive interface, deviation notifications, and complete on-demand reporting.

Mesa’s ViewPoint System combines software, hardware, and expertise with innovative design and user-friendly features to make continuous monitoring easier than ever before.

Designed with highly regulated industries in mind, ViewPoint has advanced versatility, eliminating the need for a local client install, and can be used remotely. If internet is accessible, the software can be used from any networked device, even from a tablet or smart phone. The url may also be publicised to access the software.

With ViewPoint, floor plan maps and overlay assets may be imported and linked to their locations with an easy-to-use drag and drop function. Filters may be utilised to quickly view alarming inputs specific to groups of assets.
With an optional liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, ViewPoint’s VPx sensors help clients meet the Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) Vaccines for Children functional requirements while offering extended battery life, line-powered options, and local audio/visual alarming and muting.

The calibration functionality has also been enhanced. ViewPoint now supports single and multipoint calibrations at two or more points. Multipoint calibrations result in linear regression allowing for the calculation of slope and intercept from the available pairs, which allows for a more precise calibration over the range of the sensor.

The VP Connect allows existing clients to continue adding on to an existing hardwire system or offers new clients a powerful solution to meet their monitoring needs. The new unit’s enhanced processing capabilities can handle from 32-44 sensors and has larger memory storage capacity, with a minimum of 14 days of logged data points at a 15 minute scan rate.

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