The Gemini VII 2390 Series Surface Area Analysers rapidly and reliably produce accurate and repeatable surface area and porosity results. The Gemini VII Series retains the immensely successful, patented twin-tube design of the previous series of Gemini products. This design assures fast and accurate dosing of the adsorptive gas without pressure overshoot and also negates free-space errors introduced by thermal gradient variations or by initial mismeasurement of free space.

The Gemini VII 2390 is available in three model options. The Gemini VII 2390a is ideal for rapid and accurate surface area determinations. It also provides standard methods for: single-point and multipoint BET and Langmuir surface areas, total pore volume, micropore analysis by the t-method, and much more.

The Gemini VII 2390p provides additional precision with the addition of a saturation pressure tube allowing the user to monitor the saturation pressure of the adsorptive on a continuous basis. The instrument is designed to provide a rapid measurement of the adsorption isotherm. The Gemini VII 2390t has all the capability of the 2390p with the additional ability to perform a BJH or Dollimore-Heal pore size distribution using both adsorption and desorption isotherms of up to 1,000 points. This instrument also features a saturation pressure tube as well as a larger Dewar and longer sample tubes for extended analysis.

All Gemini VII models permit low to high surface area measurements without requiring exotic gases such as argon or krypton. Each model option can also be operated standalone or connected to a computer running Micromeritics’ Gemini VII Windows software, greatly expanding data reduction and reporting capabilities. Installation videos and how-to videos are included with the Windows version. System verification tests are a standard feature in both the standalone and Windows versions. Also available is Micromeritics’ optional confirm™ software which addresses the many requirements specified by 21 CFR Part 11 validation, security, audit trails, reporting and more.

Its low cost, small footprint, speed, accuracy, simplicity of use, reliability and ruggedness make the Gemini VII 2390 an ideal tool for teaching, research and quality control environments.