Micromeritics’ Model 021 LN2 transfer system is useful for any number of tasks where frequent needs arise for relatively small volumes of liquid nitrogen or argon. The LN2 transfer system makes it easy to fill dewars with liquid cryogen for laboratory or general purposes. The system includes a large storage dewar with a 47l capacity that can hold liquid nitrogen or argon up to 30 days allowing convenient and cost-efficient use of your cryogen.

The 021 LN2 transfer system operates at ambient pressure and replaces typical cryogen storage vessels which are pressurized to force the cryogen through the discharge line. With Micromeritics’ system, cryogen is transferred by a centrifugal pump. Flow starts and stops immediately when the pump is turned on or off. The discharge rate is continuously adjustable to a maximum flow of 3l/min. The discharge line is insulated to prevent frosting and icing during use, and flexible to allow easy positioning for discharge into almost any type of receiving vessel. The system includes a mobile platform which easily rolls from location to location.