The Micromeritics Gemini V Series of surface area analyzers uses a patented twin-tube design that assures fast and accurate dosing of the adsorptive gas without pressure overshoot and also negates free-space errors introduced by thermal gradient variations or by initial mismeasurement of free space. This analytical capability, paired with embedded software, powerful new Windows® controlled data archiving and reporting software, or Micromeritics’ new confirm™ 21 CFR Part 11 software, offers the user fast, superior results with a wide range of data presentation options.

Two models are available. The Gemini 2365 determines single-point and multipoint BET and Langmuir surface areas, total pore volume, and micropore analysis by the t-method. The capability to determine statistical thickness surface area (STSA) of carbon blacks is also included. The Gemini 2380 can additionally provide BJH pore volume distributions.

The Gemini V Series is ideal for measuring the surface area and porosity of materials such as pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, catalysts, paint & coatings, propellants, electronics, cosmetics, and aerospace materials.