Norcross, GA — Micromeritics Instrument Corporation is pleased to announce the formation of a new business unit, Micromeritics Analytical Services. Micromeritics specializes in instrumentation for the characterization of fine particles, including particle size, surface area, pore size distribution, pore volume distribution, density, and active surface area by chemisorption methods. The company has always supported a Material Analysis Lab, where customer samples were analyzed on a contract basis. Now, to provide its customers with improved support and superior service, Micromeritics has formed Micromeritics Analytical Services, with its own image and direction for the future.

Mr. Greg Thiele, a senior sales engineer with Micromeritics for over nine years, has been appointed Micromeritics Analytical Services business manager. Mr. Thiele has extensive particle characterization experience and has worked on a wide variety of application solutions. His background is ideally suited to providing Micromeritics Analytical Services’ customers with superior service.