A 3Flex Surface Characterisation Analyser was awarded to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of MIT.

Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Committee has recently selected its latest grant recipient.

A 3Flex Surface Characterisation Analyser was awarded to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of MIT.

MIT senior research scientist Dr Roland Pellenq said: "The department aims at determining the poro-mechanical and transport properties of the most important technological, economical and environmental materials in the world: cement and concrete, source rocks for oil and gas, oxide, glasses and clays for nuclear energy and nuclear waste storage."

The company will use a ‘nanoscope’ method to scrutinise and manipulate materials in a broad range of magnifications.

Pore structure characterisation, including porosity assessment, pore size distribution, and specific surfaces are key factors in their approach and is the reason they applied for the Micromeritics gift award.

Dr Pellenq is one of the co-founders and lead scientist of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, CSH@MIT, an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the cement and concrete industry.

The centre was opened in October 2009.

Dr Pellenq was hired as a MIT senior research scientist in November 2010 and is the director of the CNRS-MIT joint laboratory ‘Multiscale Material Science of Energy and Environment.’

Micromeritics president Preston Hendrix said: "This program is designed to promote and advance the acquisition and use of particle characterisation instrumentation in non-profit universities and institutions where other means of funding are not generally available."

Mr Hendrix appointed a special Grant Selection Committee to ensure the success and effectiveness of the program.

Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Program is intended to provide particle characterisation instruments to non-profit universities and research organisations to foster and support meritorious research projects.

A maximum of one instrument / integrated system will be awarded per calendar quarter.

Applications may be submitted anytime in accordance with the application instructions and will remain active for a period of one year from the date of submission.

Visit the Grant Program website for a detailed grant description, application requirements and application.