Results from a survey from an independent, third party research firm, TechValidate, indicate that more than half of 606 respondents are taking full advantage of value provided by Micromeritics.

90% of respondents reported an improvement in their scientific results and 90% experienced an improvement in the interpretation of data.

Micromeritics Instrument Corp vice-president of business development Jeff Sherman said: "As a scientific instrument manufacturer, our goal is to not just produce and supply quality analytical instruments, which return tangible value to our clients.

"We seek to be a strategic business resource with whom our clients consult to address their most critical issues."

Alfred University chair of Ceramic Engineering William Carty said his experience with Micromeritics is ‘reliable, easy to use, and good technical service when necessary.’

Micromeritics marketing manager Alisa Moloney said: "The relationship we strive to achieve with our clients goes beyond providing an extraordinary instrument.

"We’re focused on providing a whole solution approach to our customers, creating mutual success for both parties."

While survey results show that product quality and reliability (62%) were key factors in clients’ choice to buy Micromeritics products, 41% of respondents also stated strong satisfaction with their ongoing relationship with the company as a key factor to buy again.

Micromeritics manufacturing director Adrian Gibson said: "It’s seeing this type of feedback that makes what we do here really worthwhile.

"I’ve been a part of Micromeritics for 25 years. When I see this, I know we’re making a difference."

Asbury Carbons quality director Stephen Polgar said: "We’ve had a great experience using them for over the past 20 years. It allows us better characterisation of our products."