Micromeritics has announced the introduction of its newest product, GeoPyc 1365.

The next generation of well-established and highly regarded envelope density analysers, the GeoPac 1365 incorporates an intelligent touch-screen technology for control and reporting functions. This Micromeritics range has been in use for many years by researchers and engineers worldwide.

Optionally, the user can also choose to work with the GeoPyc 1365 through a locally connected, standard web browser for full functionality and control. Popular with roller compaction operations, the GeoPyc is highly valued as an excellent tool to obtain solid fraction information.

The GeoPyc automatically determines the volume and density of a solid object by displacement. It employs a unique displacement measurement technique using Dry Flo, a quasi-fluid composed of small, rigid spheres, which have a high-degree of flow-ability. The sample is placed in a bed of Dry Flo, which is agitated and gently consolidated about the sample. The GeoPyc collects displacement data, performs the calculations, and displays or prints the results. This method is fully automated, non-destructive, and provides results in less than 15 minutes.

An available (early 2017) option permits the GeoPyc 1365 to provide TAP density results that closely correlate to traditional TAP density measurement devices in less time, with no noise, and an improved reproducibility and repeatability.

President of Micromeritics Preston Hendrix said: "The GeoPyc 1365 is our next step in Micromeritics’ unique and highly regarded approach to envelope density measurement. This technology, exclusive to Micromeritics, has proven itself the preferred means to obtain envelope density along with TAP density in roller compaction operations as well as other industrial applications."

The new design features a reduced operating footprint, an increased ruggedness for at-line operations in commercial manufacturing locations, enhanced visual indicators for stage of operation, and 2 USB data ports for data export or software updates.

Vice-president of sales and business development at Micromeritics Jeff Sherman commented saying: "Our customers continue to challenge us to improve. We take that challenge very seriously and know to be an industry leader we must continue to deliver innovative solutions, not just products to help our customers succeed, and the GeoPyc 1365 is yet another example of our commitment to do so".