Micromeritics has released its 2013 instrument operator training schedule. These training classes are designed to help the beginner or experienced operator maximize the potential of their Micromeritics instrument. Classes take place at the Micromeritics Training Center in Norcross, GA, and offer in-depth lectures on theory and personal instruction on instrument operation and maintenance. Instrument users can interact with and learn from material characterization experts in intimate classroom and hands-on lab settings. Small classes ensure individual attention and plenty of time to work with the instrument.

Developed using a systematic approach, the classroom portion covers: detailed operational and analysis procedures, software utilities, report generation and comprehension, troubleshooting, and theory overview. During the hands-on portion, participants perform sample analyses and learn the full capability of the instrument software. Real problems are solved, reports are developed, and data are interpreted. In addition, attendees learn maintenance procedures that improve operation, reduce downtime, and increase data accuracy. If time is available, customized direction and advice for specific application needs are addressed.

In addition to the scientific theory and hands-on instrument training, attendees receive a complimentary copy of the book Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology, a class Study Guide, as well as a Micromeritics flash drive containing various Application Notes, Product Bulletins, Tech Tips, and other relevant technical resources. Snacks and a lunch are provided each day and a Certificate of Completion is awarded to each trainee at the end of the course.

The Micromeritics Learning Center also offers a series of Advanced Training Courses. These advanced classes complement the traditional courses and provide a unique opportunity to examine special topics and challenging applications.