QED Scientific supplies incubators, environmental cabinets, ovens, refrigerators and pathology and operating theatre equipment for the UK’s healthcare market.

QED’s environmental cabinets and enclosures use carbon filters to control undesirable odours. Its product portfolio includes equipment ranging from DNA fingerprint cabinets to standard bench fume hoods.

The company also offers site validation and mapping for both new and existing cabinets.

QED's environmental stability cabinets maintain the humidity and temperature at or below ambient room temperature.
QED's incubators and ovens can be fitted with programmers and chart recorders.
QED offers fume cupboards with carbon filters to remove unwanted chemical odours.
QED's downflow workstations (DWS) are floor-mounted units that feature carbon filters and fully extracted VST models using ducts.
The heating / cooling areas of the VarioTemp hot and cold plates are 200mm in diameter and control within 0.5°C between 5°C and 70°C.

Environmental cabinets for controlling humidity and temperature

QED has two standard ranges of environmental stability cabinet, depending on clients’ needs. The SFC and LT base ranges are bench and floor models using ultrasonic humidity generators for optimum reliability and control.

These models also have some de-humidifying capacity to ensure that they can easily maintain the humidity and temperature environment at or below ambient room temperature. These models can be fitted with a data output for logging on your PC. Capacities are between 150l and 1,275l.

The advanced MMM range of humidity and environmental cabinets are floor-standing models that offer temperature and humidity control. It provides de-humidification below ambient and has the ability to store several ramp-and-dwell programmes. These models are also all fully self-contained with a water supply and drain reservoirs.

All models offered have stainless steel chambers with both humidity and temperature independently controlled by microprocessor programmers.

Incubators and ovens for microbiology applications

QED’s general purpose (GP) incubators and ovens are available in many sizes between 10l and 6,000l capacity. They can be fitted with programmers and chart recorders if required.

While the incubators control a wide range of temperatures, from 8°C above room temperature up to 100°C, the ovens have a top limit of either 250°C or 300°C.

QED is able to economically manufacture units to meet user requirements and fits specialised ramp-and-dwell temperature programmers to any model it supplies.

The company also supplies cooled incubator control between 5°C and 50°C, with a more than 0.5°C accuracy. Capacities range from 50l to 1,275l. Two versions are available, with economy models having plastic moulded interiors and advanced models with stainless steel chambers.

The advanced CH chilled models feature Peltier environmentally friendly cooling that gives accurate cooled temperature control between 12°C and 60°C without the need for unfriendly cooling compressors.

These chilled incubators are virtually silent and vibration free, so ideally lend themselves to many insect and crystal growth applications, as well as general microbiology and life science uses.

Fume filtration environmental cabinets to remove chemical odours

Many laboratories do not want fixed and ducted fume containment facilities, instead preferring to use fume cupboards with carbon filters to remove unwanted chemical odours.

These Air Science fume cabinets can be fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

All fume filtration cabinets are quiet, and the range includes bench and floor models, as well as more specialised environmental cabinets for the safe storage of chemicals, enclosures that protect personnel when weighing powders and an innovative range of forensic cabinets.

QED also supplies downflow workstation (DWS) self-contained bench models with carbon filters or floor-mounted and fully extracted VST models using ducts.

Hot and cold plates for laboratories

QED’s innovative VarioTemp hot and cold plates use the latest Peltier technology controlled by a digital controller.

The heating / cooling area is 200mm in diameter and controls within 0.5°C between 5°C and 70°C. The specialist model has a control range from -40°C to 150°C.

All available models have a quiet cooling fan. There are many laboratory applications for these hot and cold plate units, as well as more specific applications in dentistry.