ePAT Controlled Lab Reactor - Pharmaceutical Technology
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ePAT Controlled Lab Reactor

The ePAT optimises your synthesis and processes. The device is a cost-effective entry solution into automation technology that is optimised for 24 hour online trend and data capture.

Its plug and play technology makes it easy to use and it is easily integrated with a wide variety of common laboratory equipment.

Automation of jacketed reactors for research and development


  • ePAT combines with its plug and play technology and exceptional ease of operation with the option of integrating a wide array of laboratory devices for an almost unlimited number of jacketed reactors in the chemical laboratory
  • ePAT, as entry-level solution for automation technology, optimises various reactions and processes
  • ePAT and the integral safety concept guarantees you uninterrupted monitoring, especially designed for unsupervised operation day and night
  • ePAT does not need a conventional computer. The integrated eController takes over all your regulation and protocol tasks


  • Stirring with logging of torque measurement
  • Multi-stage temperature control (5 segments)
  • 2 dosages, temperature-monitored
  • pH-measurement and control
  • Safety monitoring
  • Online trend and logging
  • ePAT Plug and Play technology
  • Pt-100, RS232, analog input/output signals
  • Automatic sensor detection


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