Dividella Launches New NeoTOP Toploading Cartoner

Dividella's new Toploading cartoner NeoTOP 1604

Within the NeoTOP range, the new Toploading cartoner NeoTOP 1604 meets the market’s demand for a product-flexible packaging machine, which is able to handle packs with five, ten, or 100 products at a high-level of output.

The machine’s modular, expandable construction and the wide range of available NeoTOP infeed systems for products and booklets also makes it possible to process a large number of packaging variants on one system.
The NeoTOP 1604 is ideally suited for packaging medium-sized and large lots up to 16 million packs per year.

With a format range between 60mmx35mmx17mm and 200mmx170mmx60mm, blisters, ampules, vials, syringes, injectors, and similar products can be packaged in a wide range of standard and special packs. Despite its exceptional flexibility and high-output, the NeoTOP 1604 features a small carbon footprint.

Similar to other members of the NeoTOP family, this machine also uses the patented Topload process, where the products are inserted into the secondary packaging from above. The use of flat monomaterials and the compact external dimensions of the secondary packs ensure a sustainable packaging concept and reduce pharmaceutical manufacturers’ logistics costs.

In order to meet regulatory requirements, the NeoTOP 1604 also offers integrated solutions for tamper evidence, child safety, and Track&Trace functions. With the NeoTOP 1604, Dividella offers its customer a solution that copes with the ever growing range of secondary packaging for pharmaceutical and biotech products while keeping overall efficiency of the packaging process in mind.

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