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DR Healthcare specialises in medical nutrition, dedicating itself to research, development and certification of nutraceuticals, as well as functional foods.

We aim to prevent chronic diseases through our medical nutrition products, alleviate pain, and correct physiological dysfunctions and metabolic diseases. Our products are primarily associated with metabolic disorders resulting from diamine oxidase (DAO) deficiency.

Medical nutrition expertise

We provide nutraceutical solutions from our production plant in various gastro-resistant formats.

Compositions include capsules, micropellets, microcapsules, nanocapsules, pellets and tablets. We also promote adoption to current regulations of each market, as well as their advertising, on a global scale.

Furthermore, we develop in vitro molecular diagnostic kits for the objective diagnosis of DAO activity level. Our medical nutritional treatments and diagnostic tests are based on scientific and clinical evidence, ensuring unsurpassed biomedical practices.

Treatments for DAO deficiency and its associated pathologies

The World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and several countries worldwide have implemented regulations that include analysis of foods that may contain high levels of histamine and measures to prevent production through correct preservation, processing and distribution.

Our Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) products, namely DAOfood, DAOfood Plus, Migrasin, fibroDAO, probiDAO, DAOkids are designed to treat DAO deficiency and its associated gastrointestinal, dermatological, neurological, psychiatric and muscular pathologies in adults and children.

All products are available in pharmacies specialising in DAO deficiency, as well as on online pharmacies and Amazon.

Our therapies include the new generation of intelligent capsules, Eficaps, which release each ingredient at the designated site, containing specific adjuvant ingredients for the treatment pathologies associated with DAO deficiency.

DAO production capabilities

As a leader in the production of DAO, we deliver customised solutions for use within the animal health, food and veterinary sectors.

Modified to new standards and laws in food control, our DAO solutions specify the administration of histamine levels to avoid the risk of intoxication, which can occur as a result of high amounts present in food.

DAO solutions for veterinary and animal health sectors

Our DAO veterinary solutions are tailored to prevent histamine intolerance in aquaculture, domestic animals and livestock, whose wellbeing is critical to avoid pathophysiological effects that trigger enhanced histamine levels.

DAO enzyme manufacturer for third parties

As a pioneer in research, development and application of DAO, DR Healthcare is one of the only manufacturers that can offer the enzyme to third parties as an active ingredient for dietary and therapeutic purposes both for humans and animals.

The product is available to pharmaceutical and food companies looking for a reliable supplier. We manufacture our solutions in our enzyme production plant in Tarragona, Spain to ensure the highest levels of quality, regulatory support and production.

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